About us

MAZZARI LTD is a new company, which aims to develop and implement innovative methods for the production of metal parts. To meet the needs of modern mechanical engineering, we have become an official representative of ZRapid Tech for the territory of Bulgaria and Europe.

We have invested in this technology for 3D metal printing because it gives us advantage over conventional metalworking methods.

Through it, we can:

  • Quickly create finished metall parts;
  • Ability to manufacture metal parts with complex shape;
  • Ability to work with a wide range of metal alloys, such as:
    • Stainless Steel ( 316L )
    • Die Steel ( MS1 )
    • Titanium Alloy ( TC4 )
    • Aluminium Alloy ( AlSi₁₀Mg )
    • Co-Cr Alloy
    • Ni-base Superalloy
    • Chromium Bronze

Compared to conventional metalworking methods, where one part can take weeks to months, this technology allows us to produce complex metal forms in extremely short terms. The details made by 3D printing are with high accuracy and quality, high density and durability. They also have excellent mechanical performance.

3D printing is a very suitable method for prototyping or creating parts with high precision and complex shape that cannot be produced by the method of metal removal.

MAZZARI Ltd. has facilities for:

  • 3D metal printing ZRapid
  • Heat treatment of metal parts
  • Chamber sandblasting